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The outpost, called Yitzhar Lookout, consisted of two mobile homes and a temporary synagogue. “You have to teach them: ‘No more. Rabbi Samson is a former student of the second Rabbi Kook. The settlement project succeeded only because secular Israelis continued to play the supporting role that Kook imagined for them. I always see Jews running and running.”. You finish them. Zionism, I argued, is, in essence, the liberation movement of an oppressed people. Over lunch, I asked Saperstein and Rachel, who teaches English in the settlement’s girls’ school, why they had chosen a remote and dangerous settlement in Gaza rather than one of the urban settlements near Jerusalem. The session came to an end, and five of us jumped in a pickup truck to drive to Tel Aviv. “They didn’t try to hide it. He heads the Shinui Party, which argues for the separation of synagogue and state and is a member of Sharon’s ruling coalition. They also discerned a strategic value to settlement; these kipa-wearing pioneers would keep watch over the newly conquered Arabs, and they would help protect Israel’s middle—at its narrowest, Israel is nine miles wide. Froman invests too much faith in Yasir Arafat, and he is most likely wrong to believe that Israeli Jews would live, en masse, in a Palestinian state. It’s very typical. Two Arab girls, their heads covered by scarves, books clutched to their chests, left the Córdoba School, and were walking toward the yeshiva boys. “I have this underlying belief that the land of Israel is stronger than the government of Israel,” he said. “Hellenizers”—secular Jews—“will never understand,” she said with contempt. . It sits atop the cave in which, tradition holds, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and their wives are buried. The seventy-five hundred Jews of Gaza represent the absurdist wing of the settlement movement. On another door a yellowing bumper sticker read, “Dr. “It’s humiliating. . Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated 1/1/20) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated 1/1/20) and Your California Privacy Rights. At a certain point, after more than six months in which we absorbed casualties, we discussed it, the moral issue—to weigh the lives of innocent Israeli people with the lives of his family.”.

A wall near the house where I met him, in the Sabra neighborhood, featured a green-and-red painting of an Israeli bus severed in two. Chrissy posed alongside her husband, Grammy award winning artist John Legend; ... Outra Coisa – The Music Of Moacir Santos — Anat Cohen & Marcello Gonçalves. What he is proposing now is a two-pronged survival strategy: the building of a security fence separating the Arabs of the West Bank from Israel; and a unilateral withdrawal from Gaza, which will remove more than a million Palestinians from Israel’s direct control. Nearby, peeling off a wall, was a poster dedicated to a ten-month-old Jewish girl named Shalhevet Pass, who was shot through the head three years ago by a Palestinian sniper. So the settlers have, golem-like, risen against one of their creators, and pledged to stop any attempt—including Sharon’s provisional attempt—to disentangle Jews and Arabs. I can’t say I won’t do things because I don’t want him to suffer.”, Saperstein said, “If I believed that if all the settlers disappeared tomorrow then peace and happiness would reign forever, that we could live in peace as Jews in what’s left of our homeland, then I would seriously consider picking up and going somewhere else.”. I have to take my child and physically he has to settle the land with me. When Jordan, which then occupied the West Bank, entered the war on the side of the Syrians and the Egyptians, Israel defeated it as well, seizing the Old City of Jerusalem and the West Bank.

According to Genesis, Abraham bought the cave as a burial place for his wife, Sarah.

When I visited, much of the area was under curfew. I believe that more than fifty per cent of the world doesn’t believe in the Holocaust, and I am one of them. In security staff meetings, Dichter and Mofaz argued that curfews and additional checkpoints should be imposed on the West Bank. Relatives and friends are invited to funeral services Tuesday November 17th at 9:30 am . Benches that had been placed in rows in front of an Ark were mostly empty. Nancy and family, we are so sorry for your loss. “Dror, how’s it going?”, I asked the settler about his friendliness toward an avowed enemy of his movement. But if I did it on the West Bank, on an Arab’s farmland, it would be fine.” We drove on to Beit El, and then northeast. The students of the second Rabbi Kook took advantage of the Arab rejection, and set out for the hills. As we left, he recited a special prayer for travellers. The borders of Israel, in the view of Jewish religious nationalists, are drawn by God, and one does not negotiate with God.

In Gaza three years ago, I witnessed Hamas gunmen firing at Israeli jeeps from behind a screen of children throwing rocks. But he suggested that the settlements, far from serving a security purpose, were a security burden. They said, ‘You shouldn’t ever do that. Levinger told the police that he was defending himself from a group of stone throwers. They are free of doubt, seeing themselves as taking orders from God, and are an unusually cohesive segment of Israeli society. Zionism was not meant to be a messianic movement. Can Jewish history manage to reënter concrete reality, Scholem asked, without being destroyed by the messianic claim that reëntry is bound to bring up from its depths? . Then they need a guy to guard the antenna. The universalists don’t see the Zionism in Amos, and the hard-right Zionists don’t see the universalism.”, I asked him how he kept his faith. I asked Cohen how she reconciled her decision to settle here with an even greater imperative of Judaism, the saving of lives—in this case, those of her children. You remember when the Kingdom of Judaea split from the Kingdom of Israel?” he asked, referring to an event that occurred three thousand years ago. The girls fled down the street, and the boys disappeared. Who supplies soldiers to protect Migron? There are no signs saying ‘Welcome to Occupied Territory.’ It’s one country, the same electricity grid, the same aquifers. If a self-sustaining Palestinian state—one that is territorially contiguous within the West Bank—does not emerge, the Jews of Israel will be faced with two choices: a binational state with an Arab majority, which would be the end of the idea of Zionism, or an apartheid state, in which the Arab majority would be ruled by a Jewish minority. They say publicly what people think privately.”, Tarazi believes that the Palestinian strategy should change. Scattered piles of rubble and garbage, flecked with broken glass, lined the road. . His life is intertwined with Arafat’s. The only civilians here are the settlers of the Gush Katif bloc, a string of settlements—Neveh Dekalim among them—along the beaches of southern Gaza, between the Palestinian city of Khan Younis and the Mediterranean. The director of the dog-training program is a Kahanist with dirty-blond hair who calls himself Yekutiel Ben-Ya’acov. By 2020, the Israeli demographer Sergio Della Pergola has predicted, Jews will make up less than forty-seven per cent of the population. “We educate the soldiers not to take anything from Palestinians, money or anything else. And I’m here because of a religious commandment, believe it or not, as irrational as that may seem to you.” The Sapersteins see a unilateral pullout from Gaza as theological heresy and political suicide. He will stay in Tekoa, he said, and may become a citizen of Palestine, under the leadership of Yasir Arafat. Ya’alon, who is usually blunt, was opaque when he discussed the settlements. The Moriah complex is characterized by a desire to match Abraham’s devotion to God, even at the price of a child’s life. At least his death here would sanctify God’s name.”. A soldier in Gaza. “I dealt with Arafat in Jordan, then in Lebanon, then in Tunis, then here,” he said. Call him a criminal?”, “He wants to shut you down,” I said.

Sharon has accepted a rationale for removing settlements. “I don’t know,” he answered. To abandon them would go against Jewish history and morality.” And yet, three years later, Sharon has turned against some of the settlers, and is now proposing to evacuate settlements in Gaza and the northern West Bank. Then he said, “The Jews are worse than Hitler. “Obviously, we’re going to have violence.”, Kfar Tappuach, a settlement near Yitzhar which is populated by followers of Meir Kahane, is home to an organization called the Jewish Legion. Gaza is marginal to Jewish history; its biggest moment came when Samson pulled the temple of the Philistines there down on his head. In the nineteen-eighties, the Shabak uncovered what came to be known as the Jewish Underground. It reads, “Our struggle against the Jews is very great and very serious. He did not believe that the Arabs would acquiesce to such an arrangement, and that is why he advocated “transfer”—a euphemism for mass expulsion.

Then he pedalled away, toward barricades at the end of the street. A fifty-foot wall of concrete slabs sits about five hundred yards from the Sapersteins’ house, separating the Jews from the Arabs. Cohen and other settlers say that they are obliged to fulfill God’s command that Jews settle the land of Israel. “They didn’t hurt them,” he said.

The most hard-core settlers are impatient messianists, who profess indifference, even scorn, for the state; a faith in vigilantism; and loathing for the Arabs. They are seen as troublemakers by the Israeli Army and the Palestinians, but some settlers consider them heroic.

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