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In the newest chapter, Armin Arlet had been killed, burned alive via the steam of Bertolt Hoover aka the colossal Titan. [75] When the expedition ultimately ends in failure, Armin safely returns to Wall Rose with the remainder of the Survey Corps. Armin sits down and reveals that he will join the Survey Corps along with Eren and Mikasa. During their meeting, Armin is distressed to hear that it will be exceedingly difficult for the Azumabitos to convince the world's powers to begin accepting Eldians once again, noting that the only other option would be to take advantage of Historia. While Armin and several other soldiers act as bait, members of the 104th's top 10 would slay the seven Titans by jumping on them from the rafters. [56], Stuck in a state of shock for some time, Armin is shaken out of it by Connie who questions where the rest of his squad is. They interrogate him about Eren and Historia's location while Armin watches nearby, but he claims not to know anything. Obwohl er zu den körperlich schwächsten der 104. [34], Armin wonders how much Pastor Nick has revealed about their plans, After the group reunites with Hange, who informs them that Nick was found dead that morning, tortured and murdered by members of the Military Police's First Interior Squad, Armin wonders how much he would have revealed, though Levi guesses he did not reveal anything.

Armin stammers that Titan memories can be transferred via touch and was merely trying to see if he could see anything; he pleads with Hitch not to ban him from visiting Annie. She disagrees saying that she is not a good person, because she just wants to assure her own survival by joining the Military Police Regiment. 845 The group travels to Paradis' harbor with the intention of using the Azumabito clan's airship to pursue Eren, but find that it is already occupied by Yeagerists. [115], After Eren and Historia are kidnapped by the First Interior Squad, he is seen at Trost District, preparing with the rest of the Survey Corps to retrieve the caskets in which Eren and Historia are being transported.

Reading from his grandfather's book about salty oceans, deserts, and other surreal places, Armin expressed a desire to one day venture out and see these magnificent sights for himself. [5], Ein Jahr später wurde sein Großvater losgeschickt, um die Mauer Maria mit den anderen wieder einzunehmen. During their first official operation, Armin serves as a body double for Historia, allowing himself and Jean to be captured by the organization that wishes to take possession of Eren and Historia. Anyway, if you have any words on this tragedy, please post them here. His blond hair is styled in a long undercut with bangs over his entire forehead. These personality traits, in conjunction with his intelligence, good judgment, level headedness, ability to plan ahead, come up with creative ideas and to think outside the box, are what make him a great tactician. However, soon after graduation, he came to learn that his mind is an equally valuable asset to the military and that he is not useless or a burden as he can use his brain to help people. Grad rank Auch konnte Armin den Eren wieder zu Besinnung rufen, als Eren sich in den Rächenden Titan verwandelt hat und bewusstlos ist. Daz and Samuel question them about their allegiance and Armin and Connie manage to convince them to begin disarming the bombs on the plane. One soldier stumbles across a hollow spot and from within emerges Reiner who immediately kills him. Jean criticizes his commander's actions, but Armin defends Erwin, stating that playing it safe will not bring about change. Despite agreeing with Jean's disbelief, Armin reflects that it was already decided while they were in Marley. He reveals to Armin that he saw through his plan long ago, but he just wanted to ensure that he is to kill them properly. After eating Bertholdt, Armin emerges in his human form, unconscious and fully healed, having acquired the power of the Colossal Titan.[1]. Armin reasons that they merely need time and Eren again insists that Paradis must make the first strike against Marley to buy them the needed time. [67], Armin is then present as a witness to the hearing that decides Eren's fate as a now-revealed Titan. Dont get me wrong, I love him, but it just followed with the plot c: Some Jearmin. [57], Armin bursts into tears before informing Mikasa of Eren's death, Armin is later confronted by Mikasa above the rooftops with the other stranded trainees. Er trägt ein weißes Oberteil und auch eine grauweiße Hose. As they are leaving, they are met with many cheering citizens, sending them off in high spirits. Er gibt Mikasa Angriffsbefehle. After the SC retreat to safety, he was not able to take the guilt of killing another human being and becomes sick. Auch ist er ein guter Anführer, weil er sich in die Lage der Kommandanten hineinversetzen kann. [32] In den nächsten drei Jahren zerstört Armin mit Eren mehr als dreißig Schiffe, die Marley nach Paradis geschickt hat. After a long journey on horseback, Armin fulfills his dream when the Scouts reach the ocean. Once they encounter Ymir's Titan form, Armin notices that Ymir is suspiciously watching everybody and neglecting to attack them. Sure enough, Armin soon feels an immense explosion resonating throughout the district, signifying that Bertholdt has taken his Titan form.[48]. She asks him if he has come up with any other ideas, but he has not. [113], After the Survey Corps capture two First Interior Squad officers, Armin is seen with the rest of his friends talking about how they might be able to pull off a successful coup d'état. Professional Information He was also present when the group read Erwin's orders to abandon their forest hideout, looking shocked at the sight of it. After realizing that she is fighting a losing battle with Eren and the Scout Regiment, Annie decides to make her escape by climbing over the Wall. [181] Several minutes later, Onyankopon arrives and unlocks the cell door, asking they help Eren. Armin Arlelt is a graduate of the 104th Cadet Corps and a childhood friend of Eren Jaeger and Mikasa Ackermann. Alive Grappling to the Colossal Titan's teeth, Armin succeeds in getting Bertholdt to emit a massive wave of heat and smoke.
Nach dem Kampf um Trost meldet sich Armin für den Aufklärungstrupp.[9]. Armin and the rest of Squad Levi avoid being captured, and camp out in the woods outside of Stohess. The squad ambushes two MPs, with Armin distracting them as bait. Marco Bodt. Armin suggests using a boulder in the middle of the district to seal the hole while other soldiers could lure the Titans towards the Walls. However, the team quickly becomes lost, and ultimately lose the boar to Sasha and her helpers. Armin tells Jean and Mikasa to go after the Armored Titan, while he and Eren will take on the Colossus. Despite their efforts, Annie succeeds in injuring herself using a barb hidden in her father's ring, allowing her to transform. Finalement, il reprit totalement conscience et se releva. Underneath his short brown jacket, he had a white collared button-up shirt, similar to the one he wore as an adolescent. Eren questions his choice incredulously, knowing of Armin's physical weaknesses. However, Reiner's Titan form gives out a roar and Armin immediately realizes that it might be a signal to call Bertholdt. Despite this, Armin strongly believes that morality is relative and that there are no universal laws of good and evil. Armin und Mikasa sind entsetzt, als sie sehen, dass der verstümmelte Leichnam von Darius von einer in seinem Büro angebrachten Bombe in die Luft gesprengt wurde und die Protestanten vor der dem Haus dies als gut zu empfinden scheinen.[48]. Armin remains grappled as the heat begins to hinder his breathing, but he remains resolute in his decision. He looks to Eren and asks if they should go along with Yelena's plan, questioning if there is another way. He and Mikasa are then separated from Eren until they are able to join the Survey Corps. [66] Eren, successfully motivated by Armin's words, carries the boulder and plugs the breach. Nachdem Annie erfolgreich gefasst wurde, ist Armin mit Eren und Mikasa zusammen. Armin and Hange meet up with Levi's squad after they escape the cavern and follow Rod's Titan as it makes its way to Orvud District, meeting up with Erwin's forces en route. [72] The three attempt to engage the Female Titan and Armin is thrown off his horse, but, yet again, the Female Titan does not kill him. Status Seeing that his strategy has failed, Armin initiates plan B, trying to encourage Eren to fight Annie. When Jean glanced over at the other boy, he saw a reflection of himself. Birthday [168] They walk back outside and Hitch hands Armin a newspaper, reporting that people are distrusting the Survey Corps even more. He hears Eren's voice, telling him that the Rumbling will not stop, before seeing a child-like Eren in the distance. Pixis, noticing his determination and passion, prevents their execution.

[100] Just as Bertolt suffers a breakdown, Armin and the others are forced to briefly retreat when Erwin charges into the fray, followed by a horde of Titans. [10] Armin is also very level-headed, keeping Eren and Mikasa under control when their emotions get the better of them. At the time of their leaving, the balloon fails to gain altitude and Eren saves Armin by pushing him out before it crashed into the Wall. Eren leaves in the middle of the meeting, and Armin and the rest of the 104th graduates go to look for him. Er überzeugt ihn die Welt außerhalb der Mauern zu erkunden. Attack on Titan Part 1: Guren no Yumiya [73], Though they survived the encounter, Armin, Jean and Reiner are left stranded with only one horse, which is only strong enough to carry two at a time. Armin ist ziemlich klein für sein Alter und körperlich nicht stark, weshalb er als Kind oftmals gemobbt wurde. Armin notes that Eren has never seemed to be afraid of Titans compared to everyone else and asks how he is able to face them so boldly, and Eren claims that it is because of their dream to see the outside world. Armin Arlelt (アルミン・アルレルト Arumin Arureruto?) [44], Armin stands atop the Wall with Eren and Mikasa, as a guillotine-like device crushes the head of a Titan below. Armin will nicht wahr haben, dass Annie an all dem Schuld sei und schweigt daraufhin. [11] He is noticeably a bit taller and has his hair cut shorter.

Both dying will just disappoint everyone! Armin was branded a heretic by the other children, for his unusual interest in the outside world, and was frequently picked on. Während sie weiter suchen, überlegt Armin, dass die Mauer voll mit Titanen sind und sich die Krieger daher auch im inneren der Mauer verstecken könnten. Sasha informs them of approaching MPs,[36] and Mikasa and Levi ambush them while Armin distracts them as bait. Species [25] When he, Jean Kirstein, and Reiner Braun had to decide who would be left behind without a horse, Armin immediately offered himself without hesitation.

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