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astrology of donald trump and the fate of his presidency 2020

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Donald Trump was born when Leo Lagna (Ascendant) was I had mentioned in my Trump First Term Astrology article that October and November this year are good months for Donald Trump and look what happened yesterday. Saturn will become more malefic after it goes retrograde on April 29th. Things will become even more difficult for Donald Trump after September 24 this year, when Rahu and Ketu will change signs. However, this conjunction may put Sun in a debilitated state and the amalgamation of both these planets is forming a Grahan Dosha in the Kundli. In my opinion, astrologically we should have a complete shutdown of the economy, and Americans should stay at home until August 15 this year, only then we could contain this invisible enemy COVID-19.

It might, for example, be time to forget about the border wall, for good! Michael Cohen’s Testimony could trigger the end of Trump Presidency, just like John Dean’s testimony to the Senate Watergate Committee in June 1973 marked a turning point in the investigation. Saturn is entering Capricorn sign on January 22, 2020 in Vedic Astrology, directly aspecting natal Saturn and natal Venus in Cancer sign in Donald Trump's astrology chart. Trump is making a big mistake by holding these Trump rallies, because people who go to his rallies are going to vote for him anyway. Donald Trump has an interesting chart because not only was he born on a Full Moon but he was born on a total lunar eclipse. Mitch McConnell just blocked the vote on the release of full Mueller Report second time.

Almost every part of Donald Trump’s life is under investigation, as we approach 2019. What Important Transits to His Horoscope Suggest (February 18, 2017) There is some speculation going on about Trump resigning, willingly or not, from the presidency. Someone posted a post on Facebook few weeks ago with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s picture with a message “Chosen by God to Impeach Donald Trump”. But it is going to happen very soon in July during eclipses.

Donald Trump is very impulsive and unpredictable, anything is possible when Donald Trump is the President. You may also see the pee pee tape in October / November before the election if the pee pee tape exists. My most heartfelt condolences to the Bush family. Let us see how this difficult period plays out for him. Donald Trump, and people around him are still in lot of trouble. This was a victory for them. “Donald Trump's time is now very good from August 17 to September 15. These are self-inflicted wounds by Trump.

The crucial period when the presidential election will This move will hurt the economy and accelerate the recession in both countries. The period from May 15th to end of June should bring some relief, as Mercury is one of the best planet in President Trump’s astrology chart.”. chance for re-election.

Donald Trump’s poll numbers will take a further hit in the coming weeks. I write about a lot of things, primarily astrology, religion & spirituality, relationships, psychology, feminism, social issues, books, music and the occasional bad poem. At this point we need to wait and see how long the mail in voting counting takes. Trump is entering even more challenging time after September 11th, as Jupiter is moving into Libra sign, and Trump is entering Jupiter / Jupiter / Ketu period at same time. Trump is going to be under so much scrutiny that it will be impossible for him to deliver any favors to Russia, such as lifting of sanctions etc. This takes us to May 15th, Saturn goes retrograde on April 29th, while in exact conjunction with Ketu in Sagittarius sign. I repeat again, Donald Trump will either resign or face impeachment between June 2019 and April 2020, if Trump survives politically this month and August 2018.

gains. Trump had given tax cuts to Corporate America, and Corporate America was returning favor by keeping lid on layoffs, and stock market high until the presidential election date, so Trump can win. We may see a final round of indictments of people close to Donald Trump before the Mueller Report is released. To Attain Success In Your Career & Education: Order Your CogniAstro Report Now! He may win, but as heavy Uranus energy indicates, if he doesn't behave according to universal principles, his empire may fall. Once Jupiter moves into Sagittarius sign and collides with Ketu, Donald Trump will be in lot of trouble between November 4, 2019 and April 1, 2020, when the Trump Impeachment will finally go to House floor. iv.

But things will be lot different in the 2018 mid-term election, because it will be the American people who will decide which party controls the House and the Senate. I hear a lot about “31 vulnerable Democrats in Districts that Trump won in 2016” in the media. But Feb 2019 onwards again Trump’s approval rating will drop below 40%, as Trump will be entering challenging time according to his astrology chart. 26/03/2021: Mercury is placed in the eleventh house of gains. A time will come when Trump will try to pardon himself and his family and his Russia co-conspirators. Rather it is hurting Trump’s poll numbers in the battleground states, and nationwide. Something has to give! I had also mentioned in my September 20, 2020 astrology update that Biden will widen his lead to 15 points by October 15, and it is happening now. August / September are going to be very turbulent and challenging months for Trump. Jupiter in Virgo is situated in the second house which is posited in a retrograde motion and being aspected by Saturn at the same time. Donald Trump is an entertainer, and a performer. Many people have asked me if I can give a more solid astrology prediction about the Senate Trial, rather than 80% chance of conviction in Senate Trial and 20% chance of acquittal. The COVID-19 attack is not Donald Trump’s fault, but the way Donald Trump responded to the COVID-19 attack, raises many eyebrows. Our national debt may even grow bigger, if our political leaders fail to control spending during this time. You don’t even need astrology to make this prediction. “The Jupiter / Jupiter / Ketu period, which is going to be very challenging, begins on September 11th. Last Monday we came to know the Trump Administration is under FBI criminal investigation for collusion with Russia during 2016 Presidential Election. But Donald Trump already succeeded in creating confusion as mail sorting machines are un-installed nationwide.

The truth will emerge if there is any cover up by the end of July this year. A coronavirus recession would likely end Trump’s Presidency. In my opinion Democrats should wait for the Mueller Report before starting the Trump impeachment, because many moderate GOP Senators are sitting on the fence waiting for the Mueller Report. Donald Trump’s approval rating has risen to 43% now, as October and November this year are good months for Trump according to his astrology chart, also mentioned in the Trump 2018 astrology predictions. Ronald Reagan met with Mikhail Gorbachav privately, Barack Obama also met with Vladimir Putin privately. Donald Trump agreed to shut down his Trump Foundation amid allegations that he used it for personal and political benefit. Steve Bannon leaving the White House is certainly a welcome move. Trump – Putin Helsinki summit took place in July 2018. Trump poll numbers slip further, below 30% before 2018 mid-term election. While the 10th house stellium shows lots of time spent in the public eye, the 12th house Libra stellium consisting of Neptune, Mars, Chiron, Venus and Jupiter points to a lot of time spent behind the scenes.

In my opinion Trump’s financial records / tax returns will be released either before July 31, 2020 or between September 24, 2020 and November 3, 2020. I do not have Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi’s birth time details available, to make predictions about the 2018 mid-term election. Trump does not have any good options left. The period from May 15th to end of June should bring some relief, as Mercury is one of the best planet in President Trump’s astrology chart. I had predicted in my 2019 Trump Astrology Predictions, more than 2 years ago that Donald Trump’s tax returns may finally be leaked after June 2019. My statement about mid-term election on July 11, 2017 was more of an opinion than a prediction. People always give Trump the benefit of the doubt, may be this time Trump is telling the truth. I had also mentioned that Donald Trump may take US to next war after June / July 2019.

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is at least twelve steps ahead of Donald Trump and his legal Team.

Likewise, the solar return 2020-21 chart for the Democrats has Uranus conjunct the MC (to within one degree) emphasising the theme of drastic change (which will require drastic moves) that will possibly extend to their final choice of presidential candidate, possibly a maverick, ‘Uranian’ type with truly innovative and radical ideas!

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