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bitlife lion tamer

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Escape from prison: get arrested for a petty crime & get sent to minimum or medium security prison. Get a million followers on social media TIP: Be good looking and post as many times as you can.

Note: you will not be able to adopt if you have a criminal record. But it would be entirely luck to actually have a lawyer donor available at the clinic. All your respect will be low but the citizens won’t revolt until you turn 18.

People person: if you have trouble befriending your coworkers, use god mode to set their craziness to 0%, coolness to 100%, willpower to 0%, and low professionalism. Your spouse leaves you following a sex change, Have an addiction cured at a rehab center. These typically pay about $4,000,000. Post on social media. Royalty: Monarch … Fabulously Fertile: have ten children in one life.

Go on multiple walks per year and eventually you will encounter a unicorn. Thank you u/notoriousbaby), and use the dating app REGULAR dating tab, NOT dating app, to date and marry into the royal family.

Addicted: accept all substances offered to you. Terms & Conditions 8. Skeezy: just get called “skeezy” by someone. Your email address will not be published. Lawyer: Go to law school and become a lawyer. See your 120th birthdayTips: We’ve written a guide on how to live past 100, which should help you with the long life achievements. Which just takes having it as an option. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Social Media: Just join social media for this one.

2 months ago. Avoid drugs so that you don't accidentally overdose. Keep your health bar green by bribing the guards, going to the infirmary,working out, & meditating. Credit to this post. Actor: Become an actor (not just a voice actor). Our dual passions for safety and supporting the growth of clean alternative energy lead us down the path of the Li-ion Tamer® development. Gorilla and the Fist: Get your head taken off by a gorilla. YOU MUST LIVE IN A SOUTH AMERICAN COUNTRY (e.g.

The fastest way to become wealthy is to become a famous actor or famous writer. Mercy Me: follow the steps in the wealth achievement section.

Achieve the rank of general in the military, Achieve the rank of admiral in the military, Become a dentist TIP: Got to Dental School, Become a doctor TIP: Got to Medical School, Become an actor TIP: Have good looks and study arts/drama (will probably need to be a voice actor first). Abort x10: Have 10 abortions in one life.

Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Now, all you need is to know how to achieve them.

Become an airline captain TIP: Study engineering or something computer related at university, become a Pilot Trainee and wait. A BOTCHED ONE CAN KILL YOU! BitLife Achievements Guide – 1º-30º. Stud: Have 109 lovers/partners in one life.

When a pop up shows up saying you've been fired, beg your boss for another chance, & try to seduce them again. It can only be done as king or queen. There’s Always Canada: Move to Canada from any other country. Tips: Our guide on how to be a superstar will help you with the social media achievements. Keep trying if you haven't escaped. The technology was first developed by Nexceris with support of the U.S. Navy to improve the safety of lithium-ion battery installations on board ships. BitBoi: watch YouTube with friends until Bijuu Mike pops up. Work hard every year & get promoted to lead singer. The max is 25. Flamin' hot: sign up for the hot Cheetos diet. Each year, the number of prisoners you need increases by 5. Lion Tamer. Endorser: become a famous actor & do a commercial. Family planner: set your SO's smarts & willpower to 0% & convince them to go off birth control.

Protect your personnel, property, and brand from lithium-ion battery incidents with Li-ion Tamer safety products that give you control at the earliest possible indication of failure. That includes accepting drugs and getting into fights. Super Rich: Earn at least 50 million dollars in one life. Social Media Sharer: Share one thing on social media. Absent Without Leave: Join the military and then go AWOL. Car Collector/Real Estate Mogul: Be rich and buy every car in the dealerships. It happens.

Tips: Rescuing animals is a random event, so be patient until you get the opportunity. Flee the country: escape from a minimum or medium security prison using this & emigrate. Emigrate to Canada/Visit Winnipeg: check the emigrate/vacation list every year until they show up. Wedding planner: be born in an African country such as DR Congo. If you could add tips for the execution one that'd be awesome. Work hard every year until you become general. Lion taming is the taming and training of lions, either for protection or for use in entertainment, such as the circus.The term often applies to the taming and display of lions and other big cats such as tigers, leopards, jaguars, black panthers, cheetahs, and cougars.People often use lion taming as a metaphor for any dangerous activity. Social Media: Join Social Media; Complete a life: Complete a full life; Octogenerian: See your 80th birthday; Nonagenerian: See your 90th birthday; Centenarian: See your 100th birthday; Super Centenarian: See your 110th birthday; Mega Centenarian: See your 120th birthday; Millionaire: Become a Millionaire; My second Million: Achieve a net worth of $2M Markle: be a female, live in the UK, have high looks to become a famous (edit: you can become a famous actress but it's not required. If you buy an equestrian property in your 20s, by the time you're in your 70s-80s, the net worth of the property will increase by a few millions.

Another way is become king or queen at a young age and executing your class mates and teachers. I’ve bookmarked this post to come back to for reference. Read on for the full top to bottom list of all of the achievements and how to unlock them in BitLife: Life Simulator! Hungry Hippo. Just marry into UK royal family as a female!

DO NOT GET A JOB WITH CANDY-WRITER. Sue a plastic surgeon who botched your surgery or an ex-spouse (both tend to have a decent amount of money). Octogenarian: Live until you’re 80 years old minimum. share.

Also the generations one you need God Mode right. Diamond Anniversary: marry young & keep your health bar up. Snake snack: go to the witch doctor every year until she offers a snake. If you want to avoid this, be a king/queen in Saudi Arabia.

Eventually one will bite you.

Alien encounter: Buy an aircraft with low quality so that scenarios pops up, eventually there will be an alien encounter. Do this every year until you have 25 children.

The people will revolt against you, and you will be exiled. LAST UPDATED: 09/13/2020 ~ Lion Tamer achievement has link to a new post I created with notes and how-to guide.

Hungry Hippo and Lion Tamer - I have been going on speed walks for 2 hours but have not encountered any hippo or lion yet. These new pets range from the ordinary cats and dogs to the slightly more crazy gorillas and, errr, unicorns.

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