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It was destined to become part of the sound bed. 107 likes. 'Deep Cover: The Drug Wars' follows FBI Agent Ned Timmons as he finds himself in the middle of a massive drug cartel bust. So, once again, we can hear another story in which reality far surpassed fiction and whose consequences transcended time. Scott Weems lifts the lid on Ha! DEEP COVER PODCAST LIVE with DAMIEN DYNAN 15OCT 2019. I sent him Robocop [1987] as a reference soundtrack and also the Uncut Gems [2019] soundtrack, which was done by Oneohtrix Point Never.”. : A Big Bad Love Affair with Music… by Veteran Rock Journalist Mark Ellen... “These guys are very much retired at this point. Recording Compositions for Podcasts with BAE Audio, June 30, 2020. “A big thing was setting it in the ’80s,” said Smith, who serves as lead producer on the nine-episode podcast series.

Back in the day,’ he was like, ‘you would have ended up in the trunk of a car and we would have dumped you out in the field somewhere in the middle of nowhere and beat the sh*t out of you.’, “But I don’t think there was ever any true danger,” he added. Deep Cover is Pushkin Industries' new podcast about the FBI's undercover operation that led to the 1989 invasion of Panama. Published: August 27, 2020 ⋅ Updated: September 3, 2020. By Jim Beaugez . “The moments that were most likely to trigger a ‘still too much reverb’ comment came when Jake’s voice went higher up into his pitch range to emphasize a point and hit the room’s resonant frequency,” he said. Movie Critic Johnny Richardson on the latest Movie Releases... Tonight - : The Day John Lennon met Paul McCartney… Julia Baird – John Lennon’s younger sister joins me to tell all on what life was like growing up with her famous brother. Journalist and author Jake Halpern began pursuing the story of former FBI agent Ned Timmons before he even had a home for the project. Another Pushkin Industries podcast is Revisionist History, Malcolm Gladwell’s “journey through the overlooked and the misunderstood.”, “There was one time during an interview where the guy gets suspicious of Jake,” Smith said.

“It’s a bit of a battle to get enough suppression without having the audio sound over-processed,” said Williams, a Georgetown University professor and an audio engineer with nearly three decades of experience at NPR. Building the Epic Audio Narrative of ‘Wind of Change,’ by Jim Beaugez, June 4, 2020, “It’s such a different thing to craft the sound of a nine-episode series where themes run throughout with characters or emotions or settings,” as opposed to one-off podcast episodes, Smith said. rollingstones.com. Deep Cover is the true story of an FBI agent in Detroit who goes undercover in an outlaw motorcycle gang and makes a series of bizarre discoveries that inadvertently lead to the US invasion of a foreign country. But it’s all part of a plan for the agents Once the interviews were compiled and sound design elements composed, Halpern and Smith worked with editor Karen Shakerge and fact checker Amy Gaines daily, talking through the script line by line. “[Guerra] got super into the idea of doing that, and we settled on this neo-noir sound. A gripping account of murder, high finance and the Russian President’s Achilles heel…Bill Browder tells all in Red Notice: How I Became Vladimir Putin’s No 1 Enemy… Although the podcast’s name triggers scenes of wired informants and intrigue, there were no clandestine recordings made during the research and production for Deep Cover: The Drug Wars. The American invasion of Panama began on December 20, 1989, five days after General Manuel Antonio Noriega declared a state of war with the United States. Tonight - : Rock Stars Stole my Life! Timmons had the conviction, which he followed to the very end - the ultimate consequence being the war between the United States and Panama - that “you don’t make progress unless you’re dealing with sociopathic, homicidal crazy people,” as he says in the Deep Cover trailer. DEEP COVER with DAMIEN DYNAN Tues FEBRUARY 18th 2020 After you hear it in the first episode, then you hear this creepy, slowed-down version of it later on.”. The Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America's Shining Women. DEEP COVER - WITH DAMIEN DYNAN Tues NOVEMBER 5th 2019 LIVE PODCAST & & Cultural critic Chuck Klosterman joins me as he explores the possibility that our currently held beliefs and assumptions about the world will eventually be proven wrong... in his book entitled But What If We're Wrong? “He and I would have FaceTime calls before he would go on reporting trips to make sure his Zoom H5 was set up correctly,” said Smith. Europe became modern when Europeans began to lie... Dallas Deenry joins me on this and alot more in The Devil Wins: A History of Lying from the Garden of Eden to the Enlightenment... Podcast producer Jacob Smith committed to the retro sounds of the 1980s early in the development of the Pushkin Industries podcast Deep Cover: The Drug Wars. The effort eventually became the Pushkin Industries podcast 'Deep Cover: The Drug Wars,' whose sound design is inspired by 1980s music and the real songs of narcotraffickers. The podcast, narrated by Jake Halpern - winner of the 2018 Pullitzer Prize - promises to tell an exciting and little-known story. Hear the audio that matters most to you. Although, because of the subject itself, it runs the risk of becoming a story in which the United States is portrayed as the savior of humanity, this is the point at which the fact that Deep Cover is a Pushkin Industries production becomes a seal of quality that guarantees, on the one hand, the rigor with which they did the reporting prior to the recording of the podcast and, on the other, that in this story no character is going to be completely good or bad. “Those little spots needed a bit more aggressive removal than the others.”. The U.S.A.: The Inside Story of the Most Bitterly Contested and Influential Deportation Case in United States History… New York immigration attorney Leon and Mike Wildes tell the incredible story of this landmark case – John Lennon vs.


Update my browser now. For more stories like this, and to keep up to date with all our market leading news, features and analysis, sign up to our newsletter here. It’s always nice to have a host who’s like, ‘I want to make sure that this sounds good.’”. James Bannon, an ambitious undercover cop… A football club - Millwall F.C. Commercial-Free CNBC, CNN, FOX News Radio & MSNBC, Commercial-Free Music For Every Mood & Activity. © 2020 Pro Sound News is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Cork's PREMIER CHAT SHOW AT NIGHT WITH ECLECTIC STORIES FROM AROUND THE WORLD... Cork's talk show at night with a mix of Eclectic Stories from around the World including Historical Social, Political and Current affairs that you may well have never heard before..., along with Eyes on Movies on all the latest releases..., And anything and everything of interest from Academics to Celebrities... https://pod.co/deep-cover-with-damien-dynan. DEEP COVER with DAMIEN DYNAN Tues NOVEMBER 26th 2019 PODCAST Eyes on Movies on the latest Movie Releases including ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD & CRAWL at a theatre near you along with Global News Radio 640 - Toronto's Patrick Malkin live on the What if, Why Not & What for? Tags ⋅ Amy Gaines ⋅ Deep Cover: The Drug Wars ⋅ Flawn Williams ⋅ Jacob Smith ⋅ Jake Halpern ⋅ Luis Guerra ⋅ Mia Lobel ⋅ Ned Timmons ⋅ Podcast ⋅ podcast pro ⋅ Podcaster ⋅ Podcasting ⋅ Profile ⋅ Pushkin Industries ⋅ Rode Microphones ⋅ Rode NTG2 ⋅ Sennheiser MK4 ⋅ Zoom H5. Update your browser to view this website correctly. Black Ops veteran Leo J. Maloney presents an action-packed thriller of undercover operatives on a collision course with nuclear disaster . “Deep Cover: The Drug Wars” podcast creator and narrator Jake Halpern records interviews for the show with a Zoom H5 and Røde NTG2 shotgun microphone. 10/16/2019. Visit our corporate site at www.futureplc.com. Tonight – You Never Give Me Your Money: The Battle For The Soul Of The Beatles...Author Peter Doggett tells the dramatic story of the Fab Four post 1969... Deep Cover. : The Science of When We Laugh and Why . Tonight - Is it ever acceptable to lie? & Marijuana, motorcycles, and mayhem. The operation lasted forty-one days and produced numerous civilian deaths, the end of the Panama Defense Forces, the capture of Noriega - who for a time was an informant for the CIA - and costly material losses. Heather Holt Podcast producer Jacob Smith committed to the retro sounds of the 1980s early in the development of the Pushkin Industries podcast Deep Cover: The Drug Wars . DEEP COVER While posing as black market arms dealers in Istanbul, Dan Morgan and Peter Conley are propelled into a high-speed chase, on the run from dozens of police – only to be arrested. by anamariae. Their criminal lives are behind them.”, Deep Cover: The Drug Wars • www.deepcoverpod.com. Tonight – The Death and Resurrection of Elvis Presley - the story of that after life of Elvis…, after he left the building…

06/30/2020 - 14:54. in . Only one year old, Pushkin's podcasts -Revisionist History the jewel in the crown- have been guaranteed to tell complex stories from various perspectives, rigorous fact checking, illuminating unknown ideas and impeccable audio production. Halpern then tracked the narration from his home on a Sennheiser MK4 studio condenser with an isolation filter directly into his Zoom H5. All the participants and witnesses were willing, and Halpern’s interactions were mostly positive. A gang that Bannon infiltrated were The Bushwackers, the most brutal and fearless in English football.

DEEP COVER with DAMIEN DYNAN Tues FEBRUARY 4th 2020 “And he’s like, ‘What are you going to do with all this? & Deep Cover is Pushkin Industries' new podcast about the FBI's undercover operation that led to the 1989 invasion of Panama. Tonight - : the most unlikely star in Hollywood history… The major studios however considered him dangerous… Richard Pryor..., His extraordinary life and how he revolutionized American comedy… Movie Critic Johnny Richardson on the latest Movie Releases including JOKER &... Sports, music, news and podcasts.

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