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kill all the white people

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It’s one of the few times that Type O Negative’s republican ideology comes through. Sure, you could cite “statistics” and “facts” such as the statistical fact that on a per-capita basis, a cop is 45 more times likely to be murdered than an unarmed black or that white people are 25 times more likely to be violently victimized by blacks than the inverse or that unarmed blacks are nearly 300 times more likely to be killed by other blacks than by a cop, but we see right through your so-called facts into an irredeemably racist heart that beats so joyously at the mere suggestion of black suffering that it threatens to punch a hole through your ribcage at any moment. You rely on Snopes, and we rely on you. Everyday in cities across the country, people die at the hands of white people. And, yeah, OK, even though capitalism continues to ruthlessly exploit black people despite the fact that in real dollars and cents, black people take far more from the public till in government services than they contribute to the rest of society in taxes, the capitalist system is still somehow exploiting black people, which is some kind of weird statistical miracle when you consider the fact that Amazon, American Express, Bank of America, Barclays Bank, Barnes & Noble, BMW, Burger King, Cadillac, Capitol Records, Coca Cola, General Motors, Goldman Sachs, Google, HBO, Home Depot, MasterCard, McDonald’s, NASCAR, Netflix, Nike, Paramount Pictures, Pepsico, Porsche, Proctor & Gamble, Reebok, Sony, Starbucks, Target, Twitter, Verizon, Walmart, Warner Bros, and Wells Fargo have all pledged emotional, spiritual, and financial support to Black Lives Matter. white ppl need white supremacy as a mechanism to protect their survival as a people because all they can do is produce themselves. His day is up, his time is up.

After Rodney King was beaten by the LAPD and his assailants were acquitted, 54 people died in the riots.

Ah black ppl simply through their dominant genes can literally wipe out the white race if we had the power to. Unlike nearly every cop and vigilante who’s been accused of racist murder in the past couple generations, Johnson openly stated that he wanted to kill white people. It’s unavoidable, inescapable. On an August 2015 BLM-affiilated podcast mere hours after a black assailant shot a white deputy dead in Texas, some black clown who calls himself King Noble referred to blacks as “lions” who will win the coming race war with whites: It’s open season on killing whites and police officers and probably killing cops, period. Get your boss fired cause they racist too…this should be easy but all those sheetless Klan, Nazi’s and Other lil’ dick-white men will all be returning to work. Go directly to shout page. The discovery of the posters follows the vandalisation of Scotland’s Falkirk Wheel with similar anti-white racist messaging, with the rotating canal boat lift being sprayed with graffiti saying “HANG THE WHITE MAN” and “BLACK LIVES MATTER” by an unknown person or persons. And more than anything, they want you to accept the eternal truth that it’s not racist to say all the white babies need to be killed: The less white babies on this planet, the less of you [white adults] we got! Coffin, bitch!

Coffin, bitch! –>. Kill ’em all right now! By any means necessary For an earlier example, see “Der Untermencsh,” in which they insult welfare recipients. Scottish Canals says it's looking into it #HeartNews pic.twitter.com/tuqfRTd3xI, — Heart Scotland News (@HeartScotNews) June 12, 2020, CrimeLondon / EuropeAntifaBlack Lives MatterBlack Lives Matter UKBritainCommunity CohesiondiversityDundeeFalkirkfar leftfar rightGeorge FloydMulticulturalismracismscotlandSocial CohesionUnited Kingdom. Kill all the white people Kill all the white people, Kill all the white people “White Farmers: How a Far-Right Idea Was Planted in Donald Trump’s Mind.”

Most of the conversation surrounding crime involves black people, who selfishly take all of the credit for being criminals. In short, what Black Lives Matter says about white people is that white people don’t deserve to live. Ta-Nehisi Coates embarrassed us all when he became the 12,740th Black person to politely and eloquently explain why white people can’t even sing the words nigger or nigga. We'll be free (oh) Directly references 1960s lingo twice at the end. This is racism and hate.

Chanelle Helm, a beastly woman if ever there was one and also as luck would have it a co-founder of BLM’s Louisville, KY chapter, encouraged white people to give blacks their property and for black workers to snitch on “racist” white cowokers and get them all fired: White people, if you don’t have any descendants, will your property to a black or brown family. (1, 2, 3, 4) Destroy white boy 24 August 2018.

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