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When Klostermann made the runs, Sabitzer moved a little in the central zone and provided him support. January 26, 2018 “30% of coaching is tactics, 70% is competence.” These sound like the words of an aging footballing philosopher who draws on countless years of experience, yet they belong to the youngest coach ever announced as manager of a team in the top five European leagues.

Both like to have their teams play direct passing football and depend on their players’ physicality to press relentlessly. Julian Nagelsmann has proven the hype about him right and few would question his status as one of football’s greatest minds. Leipzig’s pressing strategy for the 2020 campaign looks to have been adapted from Ralf Rangnick’s tactics used in previous terms. Julian Nagelsmann, as opposed to other modern managers, likes to have his teams remain malleable. Forsberg, Werner, or Poulsen will, often occupy space between opposition lines and prepare runs into space, looking to latch on to a direct pass. In his first season at RB Leipzig, he made them finish 3rd in the Bundesliga and led them to the Final 4 in the biggest club football tournament and he turned 33 last month only. In short, it was disturbingly good fun.

It’s simply the product of playing with strikerless tactics for years now, often on the most aggressive mentality possible (I miss the days of very fluid/overload on FM 17). He was employed by 1899 Hoffenheim and almost instantly earned a reputation as a masterful tactician with football wisdom way exceeding his age. This could be a risky move, were it not for the tactical intelligence displayed by his players.

Julian Nagelsmann, as opposed to other modern managers, likes to have his teams remain malleable. When attacking, usually, one of them will advance to create passing opportunities for the forwards, while another will play as a ball-winning midfielder. In RB Leipzig, the manager found a club whose ambitions matched his own.

What we ended up with was a setup that blends the pure “sharkmouth” principles underlying PM Haaienbek with their adaptation to PM Haaientand’s 33310 shape. But they don’t need to be. For more such articles, follow Sports-nova official Facebook page.

But at the start of the 2042/43 campaign with Stade de Reims, I decided to change gears. Contrassegna il permalink. Read more: Romelu Lukaku “will want revenge” against Man United, Dimitar Berbatov warns. We’re proud to present the first ever tactic created by our partnered Streamer The Reckonist.Give a warm welcome to The Reckonist’s first system, the FM20 attacking tactic MDT 4-2-4, or what’s better known as ‘Maldini Doesn’t Tackle’.This tactic is developed together with the support of his Patreon supporters. Occasionally, RB Leipzig will begin to build up at the back. Well, in 2042/43, a ridiculously young Stade de Reims side claimed the Ligue 1 and the Champions League titles, including a hard-fought 1-nil win over defending champions Wolves in the final. Pingback: ScoreMore´s POM (2) | Score More (FM). I looked at my shape, adjusted the new, unfamiliar position/role, tweaked a few instructions, kept on tweaking things, and there it was.

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