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I am Malala and Made in Dagenham is usually studied in the Australian curriculum under Comparative (also known as Reading and Comparing). She lost her son Hector and her husband in the Trojan war, her daughter Polyxena also died and Cassandra was raped. Mr Brown learns about Ibo religion and his willful blindness to its complexity shows how the colonizers justified their colonial rule and imposition through labelling their subjects ‘primitive’.

It is crucial that students develop a strong ability to analyse cartoons with or without written articles. 'It is easier to resist change than to enable it.' The gun becomes a symbol of the violence and force of the settle and they show little intention of relinquishing the dominant position that the gun affords them. The importance of such connection is also epitomized through Hitchcock’s use of Jeff’s neighbours, establishing his appraisal of stable relationships.

For example, just as the protagonist’s wife in, Despite this, Kennedy explores the social views that plague men as a result of their gender, compelling to limit their identity to meet these fatal expectations.Â, The concept of masculinity is explored throughout the collection, often presented as an inferiority complex for many male protagonists due to their physical disabilities. • The use of a colloquial idiom of “kept pace only with the Joneses'' in Feliks Skrzynecki, to reference how his belonging only feels surface deep.

Circle new vocabulary. 2020 Lindsey's English Tutoring, The Crucible & The Dressmaker | Comparative Essay. This contradicts the traditional views surrounding the unproductivity of the mentally ill and instead highlights their value and worth. all in one go? Dungatar lacks the same religious context, and the very name of ‘Dungatar’ references ‘dung’, or beetle poop.

Chasing money (for survival, status or ego) can lead a man to do unethical and problematic things.

As long as someone else was the victim it made the blood pump, gave the world an edge of glamour” (pg239), “The gun is the only language the buggers will understand” (pg241), “war was a species of conversation” (pg108), “In the world of Church Street, Benjamin Rooke was a man of education and standing and a father to be proud of. These contain great detail of the author’s intentions. we can see how much Lewis has developed by comparing him to Nick). Hey guys. They add layers of depth to the text and fulfil roles central to the plot’s development. “Out, damned spot!” How does Shakespeare explore the burden of a guilty conscience in Macbeth?

(7) Here, I try to bring Dixon-Brown to life by empathising with her. Moreover, not only is Lewis involved in directing Così Fan Tutte, but he also finds himself playing the part of Fernando.

At the same time, though, and this is what today's essay question will be about. The key term of this prompt is conflict, but I think it’s also important to analyse how it’s discussed—as something that exists in layers, and something that can happen both within and between characters.

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