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vilaska nguyen district 7

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Alan Wong.

Vilaska Nguyen for District 7 Supervisor.

Paid for by Vilaska Nguyen for Supervisor 2020  Financial disclosures are available at sfethics.org. Public Figure. San Francisco, California, United States. He doesn’t live here. Nguyen told the crowd that “the rumors about me are true: I am a public defender.” He said that “I am against crime,” and that the justice system works best when the prosecution, the defense, and the judiciary all do their jobs to work for justice. Vilaska_Fam_Collage1. The resident told me “I am a friend of Nguyen’s.

If indeed San Francisco has district elections to allow residents with a history in the neighborhood to represent those areas, perhaps the residency rule needs to be enhanced. Yet he has obtained the top SF Labor Council endorsement and a host of others from labor groups, including CNA, SEIU 1021, AFT 2121, United Educators of San Francisco, and Teamsters Joint Council 7. More. If Nguyen’s main selling point to District 7 is his 10-year residency there and that appears to be fiction, then what was the purpose of the recent move from District 11? Because San Francisco residents voted for district elections with the intent of empowering actual residents familiar with their neighborhood’s micro issues. Best of the Bay Apr 2020 – Present 4 months. Melgar has a long record of community activism. Senior couples, new couples, and the families that we choose…. You can donate to the campaign on his website.

She was appointed to the commission by London Breed when Breed was Board of Supes president, and she oversaw, and recently applauded, the choice of Rich Hillis as planning director. On August 28, 2018, Nguyen contributed to Jeff Adachi’s campaign for Public Defender listing he resided in the 94112 zip code. Vilaska is the only candidate who has worked to keep our communities safe. ], With about 100 supporters lined up in front of St. Thomas More church and school, Vilaska Nguyen said he wants to put “families first.”, He told the crowd that when he came up with that slogan, “a lot of people said it sounded conservative. MEET VILASKA NGUYEN. I asked Nguyen what he thought about Mayor Breed’s new planning director, and he told me that the decision was “abhorrent. He supports closing Juvenile Hall despite an increase in juvenile crime.

Board of Supervisors, District 7: In a tight race without a clear front-runner, we endorse a ranked first choice of Myrna Melgar, and second choice of Vilaska Nguyen. Campaign staffers were already knocking on District 7 doors in early June. He’ll be laser focused on protecting our families and making sure our neighborhoods get the resources we deserve. Political Candidate.

DONATE. In a February 13, 2020 48hills piece, editor Tim Redmond wrote that Vilaska Nguyen, a “public defender who coaches girls’ basketball at a Catholic school and has lived in D7 (District 7) for ten years announced today that’s he’s running for supervisor.”. Unlike the Otsego Avenue address, I heard a dog barking, but none of Nguyen’s children’s voices in the background, leading me to wonder whether the Nguyen family is actually residing at the Summit Way address or just marking time until the election. Vilaska Nguyen for District 7 Supervisor Campaign. Big Families, single families, extended families, families with lots of kids or families just starting out. she oversaw, and recently applauded, the choice of Rich Hillis, Foreign Correspondent: Reaction to coronavirus is overblown. NURSES HAVE BEEN THE HEROES of the pandemic. Politician.

Candidates Vilaska Nguyen and Joel Engardio were neck-and-neck with around $103,000 and $101,000 in contributions respectively as of the filing …

That’s why Vilaska’s priority as Supervisor will be putting families first and making sure our families have the support and resources, we need to rebuild our city’s economy. But he said he’s not opposed to density in his neighborhood: if the new development is community-based affordable housing for “teachers, nurses, firefighters, the middle-class of San Francisco,” he would welcome it in D7. VILASKA WILL PROTECT THE HISTORIC CHARACTER OF THE WESTSIDE. As a city employee, Nguyen received his employee mail at the Otsego Avenue address. Politician. He knows the law and he’s dedicated his entire career to protecting families and their civil rights. Newsletter On January 30, 2019, Nguyen again listed 94112 as his residence zip code when he contributed to Chesa Boudin’s campaign for District Attorney. I subsequently went to the Summit Way address and when Nguyen answered the door, I apologized for ringing the wrong doorbell. But that’s because the far right has taken control of that language.” And that will be one framing issue in the election. He was born a few months later and named after his family’s new home: the state of Alaska, which means “the mainland” in Inuit.

Cart, Become a Member Vilaska’s parents fled the communist army during the fall of Saigon and emigrated to the United States. Is it our DA or the algorithm that makes S.F. Jackie Fielder for State Senate 傑基. View the winners below, and sign up for our newsletter... See this year's winners! On July 8th, I went to Otsego Avenue with a checkbook in hand. less safe? DONATE. THE POLICE COMMISSIONERS ARE WITH VILASKA because of his 15 years working as a Public Defender in our courts. “We all hear it. All three have raised plenty of money. Since Avalos and Nguyen see eye-to-eye on city issues, it would also be politically beneficial should they both be victorious. The Public School teachers have endorsed him because he'll prioritize reopening our schools safely, equitably, and as quickly as possible. The codification of district elections was also designed to weaken large, well-funded citywide campaigns that were dominating the Board of Supervisors’ races at the expense of community interests. After the November 2019 election, both Nguyen and Fajardo changed their voting addresses to Summit Way in District 7, which is in the 94132 zip code. 1/3. 64 likes. Vilaska’s proud to be a neighborhood Dad. Vilaska’s parents … The house shows up on real estate websites as being rented around that time. Related Pages. Melgar …

But allies of the mayor clearly see this as a district they can shift.

People. He is the founder of 48hills.

Subscribe to our newsletter for updates and winners' announcements! Vilaska is the only District 7 candidate who wants to build a homeless shelter in a district he hasn’t even lived in for a full year. Our neighborhoods are singular and architecturally unique and need to be preserved for future generations. Carpetbagging – Seeking political election in an area where one has no local connections. Without strong, healthy families we won’t have a strong, healthy city. His family attends church at St. Thomas More, and he coaches the girls basketball team at his daughter’s school. Vilaska Nguyen for Supervisor 2020 is responsible for this Page. Become a member. Currently, a candidate only needs to live in a district six months prior to filing. ENDORSED by TEACHERS, NURSES and THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. But that’s because the far right has taken control of that language.”, Nguyen, who has two kids, said that “families need protecting” and that this city has become “hostile to families, elders, children.”. View the winners below, and sign up for our newsletter... 48hills is proud to host the SF Bay Guardian Best of the Bay 2018! Tim Redmond has been a political and investigative reporter in San Francisco for more than 30 years.

All three will almost certainly qualify for the limit of $250,000 in public matching funds.


On the driveway, there were colored chalk sketches and political slogans apparently drawn by children. So why does it matter how long Board of Supervisor candidates have lived in a district? He moved in less than a year ago. The pandemic has helped remind all of us how important every type of family is to our city. He spent much of that time as executive editor of the Bay Guardian.

Contact. Vilaska Nguyen says he offers an independent alternative and criticizes mayor's planning policies. HOME. AJ Thomas 湯艾斯. We are community supported journalism.

48hills is proud to host the SF Bay Guardian Best of the Bay 2019! KEEP US GOING by supporting 48 Hills and independent, nonprofit journalism! They've endorsed Vilaska because he'll prioritize the health and safety of our families as we rebuild our city’s economy after the pandemic while keeping our district clean and sanitized. A public defender who coaches girls’ basketball at a Catholic school announced today that’s he’s running for supervisor.

Sup. “Every day I hear from families in our community about how our city is letting them down,” Vilaska said at the kickoff. That matches the 10-year residency period the 41-year-old Nguyen has described. VILASKA IS RAISING TWO KIDS IN OUR DISTRICT and has deep roots in our school and faith communities. Alida Fisher for Board of Education 2020. Among the candidates in the crowded race are Joel Engardio, a journalist who owns a home with his husband at Park Merced and who is active in an anti-crime group and with SF Moderates and has the past support of the Yimbys; and Myrna Melgar, executive director of the Jamestown Community Center who was president of the Planning Commission but is stepping down to run for office.

I don’t think it reflects the values of D7.”, He said that he would be independent of the mayor, and that the current direction of the Planning Department “is far from what our constituents need.”, He told me that if the mayor wants to allow private developers to build 50,000 units of new housing that’s mostly market-rate, it would be “unacceptable.”. Advertise Nguyen, the son of Vietnamese immigrants, is running in one of the city’s most conservative districts with the support of some of the most progressive members of the Board of Supes, including Hillary Ronen, Dean Preston, and Matt Haney. Nguyen has assembled a big election operation and key endorsements. It feels like there’s a lack of accountability, a lack of consequences, and worst of all a lack of common sense.”. Vilaska is endorsed by the Affordable Housing Alliance because he has pledged to build housing that's affordable for our families in appropriate locations. Politician. 48hills.org is the official publication of the non-profit San Francisco Progressive Media Center. Norman Yee will leave office due to term limits, and the D7 seat will be a crucial battleground: Yee has often worked with the progressives, who now have a super-majority on the board.

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