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why should school start early essay

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Then students school day technically starts at 6:30 in the morning. How many times has this happened to you; it’s six thirty on a Tuesday morning and your alarm has already gone off twice, you’re still lying in bed and your bus will come in twenty minutes. People who don’t get enough sleep can have sleep deprivation. She hopped into her old beat up car and drove until she was down the street from her high school when she got into a horrible car crash. A later start would mean that students would not be late to school as often as they have more time to wake up and get ready for school. It's a proven fact that teenagers need between 8 ½ and 9 hours of sleep each night.

High schools should adopt a later school start time. So the question now becomes: Why haven’t we changed?

I just need another hour worth of sleep. The concentration levels of the students would increase as they have had the chance to prepare themselves for the day ahead. First, millions of middle and high schoolers are fighting with their alarm clocks as they go through another educational school year. School days for teenagers should start later because they will be able to get enough sleep and, About 87 percent of American high school students are chronically sleep deprived, according to a 2006 survey from the National Sleep Foundation. Can you believe that more than 25 % of teenagers sleep less than seven hours a night?

Students would perform better if school started at a later time. The sleep deficit of teenagers obstructs their high school achievement. And some even earlier! Nevertheless, by being able to sleep more before school starts, students will be able to become well rested, more attentive in classroom settings, and perform better as learners. Many children and students feel as if they start school way too early. High schools should adopt a later school start time. Another hour has flown by in the nick of time and that’s when I grunt and say,”Ugh. The kids today are not getting enough sleep due to either having to do homework assigned by the teachers or, 21% of teen motor vehicle accidents are caused by drowsy driving. In addition, sleep experts have concluded that there, Why Schools Should Start Later Then students school day technically starts at 6:30 in the morning. If concentration is... ...School Should Start Later The Brunswick Board of Education should start school at 8:25 A.M., because teenagers are, Waking up super early for school is dangerous for many reasons. more sleep, not only we will benefit of this privilege, but even Why school should start later. Students under these circumstances have to be at their bus stop by 6:30-7:00. The previous time that students have to get up to get ready for school.

Because of this, teenagers suffer with school, health, and overall functionality. behavior and make the school a more relaxing and pleasant For teenagers to get more sleep, school start times should be delayed to 8:30am because it improves educational performance, it decreases health risks common in adolescents, and it copes with teenagers ' natural sleep schedule. Most students struggle to get up early, and parents scuffle just to get them out of bed and off to school. Meredith Grey is a senior in high school and stayed up all night studying for finals, she closes her eyes for just a second and her alarm went off to get ready for school. Outdated legislation should not be the cause of our country 's future to be at risk, schools should start later in order, “Wake up”, says a parent “I’m still sleepy though”, says child “Wake up now, school is starting soon”, said parent “Why does school have to start so early?”, says the student. The first reason, and the most important one is that we get But there will be a solution.

School days are not supposed to start before 8:30 a.m. for middle and high schoolers. This is a struggle that many kids have to face every day. “Since the 1990’s, sleep researchers and other health professionals have been telling us that these early school hours are harming children” (Schoolstartlater.net). Research implies that teens should, least once a week 28 percent of High School students fall asleep in school, either doing homework or arriving late because they slept in too late” (“Survey:Teens”). I believe that school should start later due to many reasons that I will address. The kids cannot stay attentive and cannot focus because they were up late studying for that important test and now they are going to have problems focusing and concentrating during school that day. First, one good effect of this solution is that it... ...2013

Children naturally undergo a shift in sleep patterns during puberty. Say school starts at 10:15 and ends at 5:15. Copyright © 2020 IPL.org All rights reserved. It is just prematurely for teenage minds to operate appropriately. With the extra hour, our attendance would improve, as well as our grades and attitudes. second reason of why should school start... ...out of bed. Later... ...teens don’t like going to school that early in the morning. Anne Wheaton, the lead author and epidemiologist in the CDC’s Division of Population Health, said in a statement, “Early school start times, however, are preventing, So, they can improve the odds of adolescents getting sufficient sleep so they can thrive both physically and academically.

If school started later, teenagers will have a longer time to sleep and time to prepare for school. But there will be a solution.

Our school should start at least an hour later than that. Various sponsors such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and Centers for Disease Control have the strong advice on why schools should start later. • and it helps our brains to memorize things better and I think to myself, how am I going to be prepared for those tests while I am over here restless.

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