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window tint canada

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We noticed. Back side windows may not block more than 65% or light.

We strongly suggest not installing window tint on windshield or front side windows, as any percentage could technically result in a fine. 3M was issued the first sun control window film patent in 1966, and our innovative window film products have helped provide protection from the sun’s harmful rays for 50 years. With a stylish design inspired by peacock feathers, this premium privacy window film creates a chic stained glass effect.

Protex will take your ride to a new level of cool! Penalty for violating Saskatchewan vehicle equipment regulations results in a $115 – $150 fine.

A quality tint can reduce to 99% of destructive bright ultra-rays from the sun and keep the skin secured while driving.

The peacock privacy window film measures 24in x 47in and is totally removable and reusable. Windshield and front passenger windows are illegal to tint in almost all provinces, and we strongly advise against it. A perfectly applied window tint will give your car an awesome look! In case back side windows block over 50% of light you must use dual external rear view mirrors, which isn’t the case in other provinces. Improving comfort, helping to protect vehicle interiors and blocking UV rays are hallmarks of 3M™ Automotive Window Films.

You will also receive an order to have it removed, and not complying with it can result in another $595 fine. Tinting windshield and front side windows is not allowed in most provinces. Below is the list of some of our new products.

Front side windows may not be tinted, but any level of darkness can be used on windows behind the driver. Note: installing clear UV filter film is not prohibited and does not require special medical exemptions (source). Rear window can be tinted with any level of darkness, however in that case in BC and the most of Canada your vehicle must have exterior rear view mirrors. Violating Nova Scotia vehicle equipment laws and having unlawful car window tint typically results in a fine of $109 – $227. Prince Edward Island laws only allow clear non-tinted frost shields or window stickers which do not impair the driver’s vision. Among several of the benefits to having window film protection applied to your vehicle is the reduction of heat and glare from the sun. Front side windows may also be tinted with same light transmission level.

Below is the list of some of our featured products. SOL CONTROL is the only online wholesale supplier of Automotive, Commercial and Residential Window Films / Tint, Tinting Tools, HID Kits and Replacement HID Bulbs in Canada.

Mon - Fri : 9:30 am to 6:00 pmSaturday : 10:00 am to 5:00 pmSunday : Closed, Guaranteed customer satisfaction provided by us. Penalties can be harsh and police officers in Canada are not forgiving about illegal window tint. It is up to each individual police officer to determine whether your tint “substantially” obscures vision in your car. NS law does not restrict tinting back side windows nor the rear window, therefore our interpretation is that all tint darkness levels are permitted. You can use any tint percentage on your rear window as well, however in that case in Quebec and most other provinces in Canada your vehicle must have exterior rear view mirrors. Technically there is no aftermarket tint darkness percentage which is legal in the entire country, but if you wish to minimize the risk of traffic fines you can consider: Excluding Manitoba laws, you could apply any tint % on back side and rear window.

Failure to do so will make your vehicle unauthorized for driving and you will be liable for a $154 to $274 fine each time you fail to comply. Our information is up to date, but please keep in mind many other unofficial sources still provide inaccurate and unlawful information! Stay tied up with the 1950’s racing heritage and get this look for your car with our ready to go, do-it-yourself, car graphic kit. The window tinting software allows a perfect fit on the vehicle and  accelerates the finished look of the window tint.

There are no tinting restrictions and any level of darkness can be used on back side windows.

Yukon province has no relevant regulations which specifically permit or restrict window tinting.

Canada Window Tint Laws: Canada tint laws are different for most provinces. If the tint is in a uniform shade (same darkness over the whole 5″ area) the tint may not block more than 75% of light. Our information about Canada Window Tint Laws was last updated and verified in 2020. In some cases your vehicle may even get taken off the road and require an additional inspection before you can legally drive it again. Get the right privacy window films for your home at great prices.

Our Protex Master Installers receive all the necessary training to ensure your vehicles windows are  perfectly tinted.

Newfoundland & Labrador law does not specifically require external rear view mirrors, however in most of Canada’s provinces these are required if rear window is glazed with tinting film.

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