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zeffo walkthrough imperial excavation

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Climb round to the left till you can jump to ground.

Head left to the Meditation Point if needed, otherwise head forwards through the blast doors and back outside. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. It’s a starfighter wreck. There are a lot of flying droids in this area, so carefully walk through, and you'll be at a new area. Head into the tunnel (Turbine Facility) taking the first right and then following the path back outside to the Gusty Bluffs.Head right down the slope to the Weathered Monument.Swing across the gap, then wall run down to the main area. Don’t drop down, instead pull the candle to you then turn around, drop into the chamber and set alight to the briar on the other wall.Climb up the newly revealed wall to a Sense Echo (Force Essence [2/2], Sage Miktrull #7: Zeffo Soldier Remains [6/7]).Retrace you steps back to the main chamber, drop down to the slightly lower level then use the block to access the side corridor.Enter and kill the Scazz and Guardian.

Head down the stairs and defeat the Purge Trooper waiting for you. Head back immediately onto dry land up the slope to a Sense Echo (The Zeffo Villagers #8: Memorial [9/10]).Head left into the tunnel, down the slope. Freeze the fan and climb up behind it.

Head round to the left and pull the bridge down.Cross it and climb the grating up to another platform. Now you're in the Imperial Headquearters.

Kill the troopers on the bridge then cross it.Head left down by the slope.At the end pull the vine to you and use it to reach a wall run.Once back on land interact with the Sense Echo next to the door (Sage Miktrull #5: Offerings to Miktrull [4/7]).Open the door (the second spool is right next to the edge) and enter the main chamber.

Use it to swing onto the vegetation on the sarcophagus.

You head back to Zeffo pretty quickly in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. There’s nothing to do through here, however, so continue round on the upper platform. Push the candles that come out of the wall towards the wins, burning them to reveal the way forward. Wall run back to the rope and swing across to the vegetation covered cliff. Carry it to between the two rope spools and drop it on the ground (on the narrower right side, a few paces back from the door should do the trick).Enter the next chamber through the newly raised door. Climb onto the ledge and head into the central chamber defeating the Guardian and any remaining troopers. Thankfully, you've explored a lot of the area on the first go-around, so this second trip will quickly take you to the next tomb, the Tomb of Miktrull. Force push her back, too, for some breathing space. The u/Sayonara_Punk community on Reddit. You must scan one of the doors of one of the houses in the Abandoned Village where there are eviction notices. On your way out, you'll get a Hologram from Cordova mentioning a Astrium. Part of the Star Wars saga, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a 3rd person action game-adventure game project by Respawn Entertainment.

On the esplanade where the first stormtroopers of the area are located, scan the sign to the right of the stone stairs.

Freeze them, climb up and and head through.Look right and blast through the wall. Well, now's the time! Shaylyn you are old enough to hold mom without supporting from her why still fall? Scan the corpse (Tactical Guide - Empire #13: Purge Trooper Commander [13/17]).Head to the force field and turn right. The primary objective of this visit is to locate the entrance to the Tomb of Miktrull. With the tomb cleared out, it's time to head back to the Mantis, and maybe have a discussion with Cere about Trilla. This next area looks big, but just drop down to the right, then do some parkour and climb up the moss for a Meditation Point. Move along the outside of the tomb and you'll eventually find your way in (there's no place else to go but forward). Leap across to the platform with the Scazz then from its end to the vegetation covered wall.Climb up and wall run over to the platform with the Flamethrower Trooper and the Scazz. Have BD-1 Overcharge the door to move forward.

Scout Trooper Baton. Climb up onto the structure and head across the pipe, defeating the probe droid.Head left and drop down to a rock platform defeating another probe. You can now Pull the cores from the Tomb Guardians to easily defeat them. Cross the bridge and kill the Guardian and any remaining troopers. Interact with the pedestal to turn on a nearby magnet, and it will pull the candles into the vines and burn them. Head on up the mountain path near the hangar, and use the shortcut you unlocked last time to get back to the Ice Caves.

Climb along the literal tomb, and at the top you'll need to fight some Stormtroopers. Head forward and defeat the Guardian.At the end of the ledge pull the vine to you then use it to swing across the gap.Pull the rope off the spool to the right of the door and then attach it to the spool next to the ledge edge. Drop down from the metal wall, then you can leap across the gap for a chest. Slow is completely ineffective, and Push and knock her off balance for a second or so, but that's about it. Head through that area, and head through the area to return to the Crash Site. Dodge the rockets and unblockable attacks, avoid the flamethrower, and this is a reasonably easy fight. This is the main gimmick of the Tomb of Miktrull, so remember it, then head up the stairs to a Meditation Point. You're not heading back to the Mantis this time. However, this guardian's core cannot be Pushed out of its body, so defeat it normally and keep going. The chain will break and send the bulb crashing down, releasing the ball from its prison. There is a Sense Echo here (Imperial Excavation #9: Discovering Relics [12/12]).Wall run back to the rope and swing across to the vegetation covered cliff.

Time your run past the first then freeze the second so you can climb on it. Shimmy left to the vegetation then climb up onto it.

You can Push through the weak grate in order to unlock a shortcut back to the workbench. Take it up.From this next platform, wall run and zipline down to a bridge, killing some troopers.At the end of the bridge where the open blast doors are is a zipline.Take it upwards, aiming to drop off just before the end onto the strut below the endpoint of the line. Scan the wall (Archive Two – Miktrull: Sage Miktrull [2/3]) and open the Chest (Lightsaber Material: Haysian Smelt [2/4]).Exit and jump back down to the lower ledge and interact with the switch twice, so that a block drops down, and then magnetic field stops. Once you're ready, head towards the big ring and climb up to go through it.

You should see a patch of briars next to a lone trooper and, possibly, the chest behind the briars.Turn around back towards the switch and pull a candle from the adjacent wall to you.

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